We truly are a family redefined. We are husband, wife, son, daughter, step children, biological and adopted children and most importantly, Children of God.

A friend pointed out that I needed to update my blog header. After our adoption from Ethiopia, I had updated it stating how the adoption of Sara Joy completed our family. Well... the journey continues. After much prayer, we have decided to follow what we feel is God's calling for us...we went to Ghana with the intention of adopting a four year old girl, Isabella Hope. Little did we know that she would be the catalyst to bringing home not only her, but her half brother and sister. We will now be adding not only Isabella Hope to our family, but also Mary Grace (9) and Gilbert (6) who we will transition to the name Nathaniel Timothy. The shock is wearing off and the JOY and EXCITEMENT are overwhelming. Now truly, our family is complete. The great part of journeying with God, is that it's always an adventure. He knows where we are going, and for us it is all a marvelous surprise. Looking forward to sharing our family adventures as we walk daily through life and as we venture off to Ghana to bring home Mary, Nate and Isabella! It's always an adventure redefining our family!

Monday, August 16, 2010

16 Months today

When I got into work today I was caught up in the day's activities.  Go into work in the morning, leave work and take kids to Anna's orientation, go back to work and then rush home and get Cameron off to his orientation this evening.  Iin the meantime I had a lot of work to do and not a whole lot of time to get it done.  That's ok though.  Orientation days only come once a year so you just deal with it. 

I was kind of teary eyed as I dropped Anna off in her 1st grade class today.  She was only there for 1/2 hour as we were in the auditorium listening to the opening day instructions.  I'm not sure why I was teary-eyed, but at one point I looked at Tim and I said "I didn't like leaving her there".  He asked me why not, because I leave her at the school all the time.  She attends summer day camp at the school as well.  I don't know what it was... maybe it's just me being a mom, realizing that my kids are getting older... but there she sat in her little 1st grade seat and she really didn't need me anymore.  She didn't cling to me like she did when she went to 4K.  She didn't stand close to me like she did the first day of 5K.  She went into the classroom, found her seat on her own and basically that was it.  I stood around looking kind of stupid, hoping for something more.  I'm VERY proud that my daughter has become so independent - it's all part of her growing up - I just wish she still needed me for certain things.  I know, I know.... it shows that she has matured... and she did look for me - she turned back and waved and gave me a little smile.  But then she was ready to be with her teacher and her friends. 

So, Tim and I went to the orientation and came back and picked Anna up.  She was happy for us to see her in her new "environment" that she now claimed as hers.  She was listening so nicely and had a huge grin on her face when she saw us.  My little girl still needs me, but it's becoming less and less.  She needs me for discipline, instruction and her basic needs, but she is growing mature emotionally.  I am SO VERY PROUD of her for that... but I miss her needing me for that.  I told Tim that thank goodness we have Sara Joy who will need me.  I really love and would miss the "baby" stage if this were it for us.  I'm so glad Sara Joy is coming to our family!  I also reminded Tim that Nathaniel (Nate) would come along at just the perfect time too.... I think Tim rolled his eyes :)  He would like to get Sara home before thinking about Nate!  Yeah, me too... I'm just sayin'.

And as for Cameron...entering 6th grade... WHERE DID MY LITTLE BOY GO???  Everyone says it, but they really do grow up WAY too fast!  Cameron is going on a three day field trip this year.  He is really excited about that.  He said he didn't care if Tim or I came.  That really says that they are growing up.  It used to be that he wanted us there for even a day trip to Alligator Adventure.  Now he can go to Kentucky for three days without either of us???  Yes, he is growing up and I have to losen the strings.  We were thinking about Tim going on the trip with him.  I won't be ready at that time to leave Sara for that long yet.  So, I would stay home with Anna and Sara and Tim would go with Cameron.  We haven't decidee for sure yet if Tim will go or not... we'll see.  It was just surprising to me to know that Cameron was ok for us to not go. 

Cameron has a great teacher this year and a great group of friends to have fun with.  As we were eating dinner tonight we were talking about our new "tightened up" schedule.  With two of them having homework, Tim and I are going to have to divide and conquer.  I will get Math and Science (YES!!!) with Cameron.  Tim will get History and Language (Ugghhhh - yuck) and we will split spelling and bible.  Whoever is working on spelling with Cameron, the other will get Anna.  And we'll take turns having Anna read to us.  Fit all of the homework in with cooking dinner and sports activities and normal end of the day stuff and our plates are full.  I really do love this time of year though.  I love the "newness" of back to school.

So, while all this was running thru my head today, I suddenly remembered... Today is Sara's 16 month birthday.  Happy 16 months on this earth Sara Joy!!!  We are SO thrilled to have the opportunity to be your mom and dad!  Hopefully you will not have many more months without us to celebrate with you!  I showed some of my friends at work her pictures.  One of the ladies is african american.  When she saw pictures of Sara from June, she said "Oh, her hair is silky and soft curls".  Apparently something happened to Sara's hair over the past six weeks, because when I showed her the pictures I got this past weeked, taken of Sara last week, she immediately said "Uh Oh - you may need my help after all".  Great!  I thought I had it made.  I'm sure it'll be fine.  I'll learn how to care for Sara's hair.  It may take me a while as a mom with fine, thick, bone straight hair who has only had to deal with straight Asian girl's hair or crew cut boy's hair... but I'll get it.  With a little help from my friends :)  She truly is a precious, precious little girl.  I can not wait to have my arms around her.  She will not make it to 18 months without this mom loving on her!!!  One month and 11 days and she will be IN. MY. ARMS!!!  Boy, I can't wait. 

Tomorrow I will have pictures of the official first day of school!

In Christ,


Paula said...

Twins start school next week... let's just say, I can wait. :) They do grow up so fast... my oldest is twenty-one years old! Seems like only yesterday I was putting HIM on the bus for kindergarten!

Happy 16 months birthday to Sara Joy!

Veronica said...

Charity, I know just what you are talking about. Everytime Olivia outgrows something, or takes another step away from babyhood, I grieve a little. Yes, she is only 21 months old now, but I KNOW what's coming!

All I can do is try to enjoy every second with my "baby"! I'm so glad you have Sara Joy coming home soon - I keep telling Alan that I'm not done with babies yet! We'll see....