We truly are a family redefined. We are husband, wife, son, daughter, step children, biological and adopted children and most importantly, Children of God.

A friend pointed out that I needed to update my blog header. After our adoption from Ethiopia, I had updated it stating how the adoption of Sara Joy completed our family. Well... the journey continues. After much prayer, we have decided to follow what we feel is God's calling for us...we went to Ghana with the intention of adopting a four year old girl, Isabella Hope. Little did we know that she would be the catalyst to bringing home not only her, but her half brother and sister. We will now be adding not only Isabella Hope to our family, but also Mary Grace (9) and Gilbert (6) who we will transition to the name Nathaniel Timothy. The shock is wearing off and the JOY and EXCITEMENT are overwhelming. Now truly, our family is complete. The great part of journeying with God, is that it's always an adventure. He knows where we are going, and for us it is all a marvelous surprise. Looking forward to sharing our family adventures as we walk daily through life and as we venture off to Ghana to bring home Mary, Nate and Isabella! It's always an adventure redefining our family!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's getting closer....

Tomorrow is Wednesday.  We leave on Saturday.  I haven't packed...in fact, I'm putting off everything related to packing.  Tim wants to run to CV$ to get the last minute "travel" things we need.  I don't want to do it.  I HATE packing!!!  Have I ever mentioned that before???  I seriously dislike the task of packing everything that you will need, up in a bag and figuring out once you get there, what you forgot.  Me, I pack at the last minute and usually don't forget anything real important.  Tim probably has hives because he has not started packing yet.

I'm getting anxious.  I'm kinda scared and super excited all at the same time.  I remember the feeling distinctly from when I traveled to pick up Anna.  I actually remember the same feeling the days before I had Cameron.  The feeling of... I'm so excited I can hardly believe it.  This is what I have waited for, for so very long... followed promptly by - this is a LIFE, her LIFE.  She is not a doll you pick up at a store, she is a child.  A 17 month old child.  She won't know me and probably won't like me.  I'm scared!

I'm sure she will be scared as well, and that makes me feel all the more nervous.  Same feelings I've had in the past.  I'm sure they will disappear and I will be flooded by feelings of love for this little one and all my fear will go away.  It's what happened with Anna.

I'm very grateful that we have gotten connected with another family who is traveling now.  They have the same court date as we do, and are actually on the same long leg of the flight over that we are.  It will be fun to experience the travel with new friends!  It will also be a bonus to not be over there alone!  We are even staying at the same hotel as they are. 

I'm not looking forward to leaving the kids for a week.  Cameron will be fine.  He is actually heading over to a friend's hause for the weekend and will have a blast with him.  Anna will be here at the house with my mom and Denis and will get all the one on one attention that she needs.  School will take up their week and by the end of the school week, we will be home. 

Anna doesn't like it when I leave though.  I seem to be the security blanket in her life and when her security blanket is missing, she tends to punish people.  Hopefully that will not be the case while we are away, but I'm kinda expecting it.  She gets very emotional and a bit crabby.  I'm hoping to keep in contact with the kids over the internet and with phone calls when we can.  I'm sure they will be excited to see pictures of their new little sister when we finally get our hands on her!

I can't believe I will be on a plane in 4 days!  It doesn't seem real!

In Christ,

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Paula said...

It won't be easy, but it will be wonderful. I can't wait to hear all about your trip.